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Production Capability

This company is specialized exclusively in the Manufacturing equipment for Oil & Gas Industries

Production Capacity

10,000 MT per Year Any Type of Process Equipment
15,000 MT per Year Any Type of Steal Structure
150 Items Any Type of Skid Package
Unlimited Any Type of Storage Tank

Lifting Capacity

Crane Type Max Capacity (Ton) Qty
Crawler Crane 300 2
Crawler Crane 100 2
Gantry Crane 40 3
Over Head Crane 50 2
Over Head Crane 40 2
Over Head Crane 20 3
Over Head Crane 10 10
Mobile Crane 40 1
Mobile Crane 25 1

Main Machinery

PGEI Group puts nearly half of the centry experience to work for the manufacturing and production of Fix Equipment, Tanks and Chemical Packages stablished in 1974.