One of the companies in the group called “Darya Omid Chabahar Company” is located next to the beach (Oman Sea) and adjacent to the “Tis” area of ​​Chabahar with the facilities and equipment needed to build and deliver all kinds of marine vessels.

darya omid chabahar

With the decision of the shareholders and its notification to the management of the company of the New Energy Processing Energy Industries Group, “Reactor Manufacturer” plans to equip and operate the production line, complete, test and deliver the pressure vessels, in addition to the production line and complete the marine vessels. Available, the company has taken the necessary measures in the shortest possible time and succeeded in 22-Jun-2020 the first construction of “ Propane Compressor MP Suction Drum (2112-V-104)” located on Kharg Island related to Sustainable project Start the Environmental Pollution Prevention Plant (SE3P).

Technical Capabilities / Engineering Services

According to the relevant schedule, the pressure vessel will be delivered to the esteemed employer of the “Offshore Industries Company” queue for installation in Kharg Island within 2 months.

Based on plan and in order to make the best use of facilities, fabrication equipment, manpower and geographical location of “Darya Omid Chabahar factory”, construction and completion of pressure vessels for ongoing projects and future projects will continue as the case may be.