For more than forty-five years now we have achieved success in the off-shore and on-shore market as well as in the handling of special technologies such as ISO-Max REACTOR and shell & tube heat exchanger.

The experience gained in the manufacturing of most critical items for refinery and petrochemical put us in position to achieved also special technologies like LINDE & LORGI

Beside the market of high pressure Reactor, we also developed excellent skills in the managing of special material, reaching a very wide fabrication range:

 Carbon steel
 High strength Carbon steel
 Low alloy (1¼ Cr-½Mo, 2¼Cr-1Mo, 1Mo-¼V and etc…)
 High Alloy (5%Cr,9%Cr, etc…)
 Stainless Steel (405, 410, 304, 316, 321, 347, 310, UNS S31254, etc…)
 Nickel Alloy (Inconel 625, Monel400, etc…)

REACTORSAZ Experience :

 ISO-MAX Reactor
 Hydro-treating Reactor
 HDS Reactor
 Sweetening Reactor
 Dissolution Reactor
 Octanizer Reactor
 DSH Reactor